Poland Rebuilding 2.4.2

(ETS2 1.37/PM 2.46)

Modification to work requires to have:


2.4.2 update is a ETS2 1.37 & PM 2.46 compatibility update for Poland Rebuilding.


The latest version doesn't require a "Media" package.


Reuploading our map on other download services and releasing it without permission is forbidden.
If you want to share map, keep the original links.

Link 1Link 2
Promods 2.46Required PM map.
You need to chose proper version on PM site.
PL Rebuilding All
(846 MB)
Archive with all PR mod files.
You need to unpack them with 7-zip.
PL Rebuilding Def
(1,72 MB)
Pack with PR definitions.Download
PL Rebuilding Map
(29,2 MB)
Pack with PR map.Download
PL Rebuilding Models
(686 MB)
Pack with basic models for PR.Download
PL Rebuilding Assets
(215 MB)
Pack with PR prefabs, materials, fonts, and other files.Download
PL Rebuilding FIX 1
(9,21 MB)
Pack that fixing reported bugs. Download
Optional packagesLink 1
PL Rebuilding ST
(36,6 KB)
Optional pack adding support for overweight orders in Poland.
This pack needs additionaly DLC Special Transport!
PM 2.46 + PR 2.4.2 + RM 2.1.1
(20,1 MB)
Optional pack, required to connect PM and PR map to RusMap properly.
Autor: Sergey

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(Thumbnails DO NOT represent version required by the modifications!)
Poland Rebuilding
Poland Rebuilding – Special Transport
Poland Rebuilding – Accessories
Poland Rebuilding – Fix
Promods – Trailer & Company
Promods – Middle-East Add-On

EAA map
EAA + Promods fix
ProMods Trailer and Company Pack
(Replacement Trailer Definition)
ProMods Trailer and Company Pack
(Standalone Trailer Definition)
ProMods Trailer and Company Pack
(Main Trailer Definition)
ProMods Trailer and Company Pack
(Trailer Package)
ProMods Trailer and Company Pack
(Company Definition)
ProMods Trailer and Company Pack
(Company Package)
ProMods Middle-East Add-on
(Def & Map Package)
ProMods Middle-East Add-on
(Assets Package)
PM + PR + RM RoadConnection
Poland Rebuidling – Fix
Poland Rebuilding – Accessories
Poland Rebuidling – Special Transport
Poland Rebuidling – Def
Poland Rebuidling – Map
Poland Rebuidling – Media
Poland Rebuidling – Models
Poland Rebuidling – Assets
ProMods Definition Package
RusMap Def Package
RusMap Map Package
RusMap Model Package
RusMap Model 2 Package
ProMods Map Package
ProMods Media Package
ProMods Models Package 3
ProMods Models Package 2
ProMods Models Package 1
ProMods Assets Package
EAA map
Base Mapa EAA