Poland Rebuilding 2.3

(ETS2 1.32/PM 2.31)

Modification to work requires to have:


2.3 update is mainly bug fixing version and it adds compatibility with the newest version of a game. The biggest thing is rebuilt Ostrołęka city, and new road with hidden city. Second attraction are added cabin accessories (for people that don't have map, there is separate pack). We have also started to gradually improve the distance signs to show the distance to be covered in the game. We have also added 2 new ferry crossings, new road icons and warning messages for the most demanding bulky loads in PL (DLC Special Transport).



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Link 1Link 2
Promods 2.31Required PM map.
You need to chose proper version on PM site.
PL Rebuilding All
(806 MB)
Archive with all files from below.
You need to unpack them with 7-zip.
PL Rebuilding Def
(1,07 MB)
Pack with PR definitions.Download
PL Rebuilding Map
(27,6 MB)
Pack with PR map.Download
PL Rebuilding Media
(69,0 MB)
Pack with PR sounds/videos.Download
PL Rebuilding Models
(598 MB)
Pack with basic models for PR.Download
PL Rebuilding Assets
(211 MB)
Pack with PR prefabs, materials, fonts, and other files.Download
PL Rebuilding ST
(36,9 KB)
Optional pack adding support for overweight orders in Poland.
This pack needs additionaly DLC Special Transport!

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Mods Order
Choose the modifications that you use.

List shows proposed package order for all map versions. It doesn't mean, that all packages are required and work together.
(Thumbnails DO NOT represent version required by the modifications!)
Poland Rebuilding
Poland Rebuilding – Special Transport (OLD)
Poland Rebuilding – Accessories
Poland Rebuilding – Fix
Promods – DLC Support Package
Promods – Trailer & Company
Promods – Middle-East Add-On

EAA map
Project Balkans
RoExtended Map
Southern Region
The Great Steppe
Poland Rebuilding – Def
Poland Rebuilding – Map
Poland Rebuilding – Models
Poland Rebuidling – Assets
ProMods Definition Package
ProMods Map Package
ProMods Media Package
ProMods Models Package 1
ProMods Models Package 2
ProMods Models Package 3
ProMods Assets Package