Poland Rebuilding

Map of Poland for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Poland Rebuilding map, which overrides ProMods map, is a mod, that completely rebuilds Polish country. Besides new road network, it offers many new intresting cities, towns and villages, where you can take orders to, or from them.

Does your map work without ProMods map?

No. Our map overrides ProMods map, and it requires it for working properly.

Which areas does your map override?

Our map modifies whole Poland areas. Due to the way, game works, map modifies the near-border areas of Russia, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

What do I need for this map to work properly?

Besides ProMods map, it needs every map DLC, which ProMods is using on specific version. To get more information about DLCs that are required by ProMods click HERE.

I found a bug. Where can I report it?

If you found a bug or your game crashes when you are driving, and you are sure that problem is caused by our map, and not by other mods, you can report them using our Bugtrucker. Link to the bugtrucker is located in the top of the web page.

I have a problem with instalation or running map. What should I do?

If you have problems with instalation or with map itself, you can tell us on Discord server, Facebook page or create a new post (or topic) on ETS2 forums. Links to those forums are located in the top of the web page.

Does your map work with experimental or beta versions of the game?

No. Our map works with versions of the game, which were officially released.

Official version of the game came out, but your map didn't. How long should I wait for new version of the map?

Unfortunately, updating process of our map begins, when ProMods is released. To this moment, we can't start updating our map.

In case, when ProMods is released, the updating process can take 1 week (if changes are small) or couple of months if changes are much more complicated.

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